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Current Exhibition 

Stefania Pia

PrayersDecember 21st - February 14th, 2024Only By Appointment

Press Release and About the Artist

Charmoli Ciarmoli proudly presents the solo exhibition: Prayers, by multimedia artist Stefania Pia. Based in Palermo Sicily, Pia’s latest body of work draws from her extensive familiarity of iconography, textiles, emotive usages of color and text to produce a new body of work that exemplifies the power of femininity. Being an accomplished, influential and inspiring figure within photography, fashion and journalism for decades.


Pia brings her expertise and exquisitely sophisticated eye into creating Warhol-ian mandalas comprised of collaged images from her magazine collections, vintage sicilian fringes, oil paint, and found objects. With numerous sources of inspiration, Pia’s journey often begins with the adoration and absorption of movies and music, the study of perfumes, Egyptian tombs, architecture and industrial design, tribal signs of lost islands in Polynesia to the patterns of Marie Antoinette’s clothing, the life histories of model and activist Ushi Obermaier and Margherita Hack.


Being autodidact, Pia created her own method of cultural realization, in which the gaps in formal knowledge was filled with a primordial desire of research, be it the film medium, its relating music, and costumes, Pia soon developed an iconographic vision spanning a multitude of centuries and cultures. These works, while a development of her arts practice they are also derived deeply from her ongoing battle with cancer over the past year. Finding a solace and therapy to continue to live and pass along her voice singing of life worth living.

Previous exhibitions:
April 2012 – SOUND QUALITY – Group Show curated by Kyle De Woody – GreyArea
May 2014 – The Forgotten Memories Of Love – ACRIA young collectors
April 2017 – Group Show Know Wave / Moran Gallery x Independent Art Fair

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